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Initial Jobless Claims

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Initial Jobless Claims Empty Initial Jobless Claims

Post  Admin on Wed May 03, 2017 7:37 am

This weekly report indicates the number of claims applied to the Employment Department for the redundancy awards. This is an up-to-date, but often delusive, indicator of economic tendency.
Increase/decrease in the number of those who applied for initial claims signals in favor of growth slowdown/acceleration. In this respect, the influence of this report on the market is low, though some impact on trading behavior is probable in rare cases. Due to the weekly data variability, most of analysts prefer monitoring the four-week moving average to get a more distinct reading while determining the main market tendency. Usually strong displacement (about 30K) is considered to get significant change of the trend.
The steady decrease in initial jobless claims signals economic growth and improvement in the labor market and causes the dollar growth. The readings above 400,000 point to the problems in the labor market.

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